Earth Marketing drives strategic partnerships across Retail, Technology, Fashion and Entertainment.


Drawing upon deep expertise in Omni-Channel Commerce, Global Marketing and Brand Building, Licensing, Gaming and Monitization, we bring together companies and brands to the mutual benefit of our partners.

Founded in 1996 and incorporated in 2006, Earth Marketing has an award-winning reputation for orchestrating Retail Activations, “Break through” Channel Marketing and Product stewardship from insights and market analysis to product ideation, channel strategies and licensing extensions.


All the while, being mindful of the proliferation of mobile devises and innovative technologies that are creating a paradigm shift in shopper behavior and the resulting e-Commerce and Omni-Channel Retail tactics needed to succeed.




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Earth Marketing Team

Tom Keefer

Tom Keefer

Founder and CEO

Tom has been at the forefront of global brand innovation throughout his career bringing a wealth of expertise across multiple industries as a youth marketing specialist. Starting his career in London Tom helped pioneer International Advertising solutions with Newsweek Intl and then Life Magazine. He returned to the U.S. to help bring the first World Cup to America for the 1994 World Cup.

For most of the 90’s Tom built Global Footwear, Apparel and Sporting Goods brands with LA Gear and K-Swiss as Head of International Marketing/Licensing for both companies.

With Mattel Tom held several leadership positions over an 8 year period including SVP, International Marketing for Barbie and Hot Wheels, Boys Licensing and GM of a Customer Business Team. Post Mattel, Tom managed the Global Licensing Rights for the 2010 FIFA World Cup for the Toy and Sporting Goods categories. Concurrently, he headed up the Global Consumer Product Division of Green Rubber to bring a Recycled outsole technology to the Footwear industry for companies like Timberland®. Based in NY and London, Tom headed up the BBC Worldwide Global Licensing Team managing a portfolio of Kids and Teen brands inclusive of Teletubbies, Top Gear and Doctor Who earning the first ever International L.I.M.A. Retail Excellence award.

For the past three years Tom helped launch and grow a tech-start up called Virtual Piggy/Oink that delivers a COPPA-compliant youth payment solution. Throughout his career Tom has been a Global Retail and Omni-Channel specialist. The thread throughout has been his ability to embrace and promote new technologies to ensure retail brand relevance in serving the Footwear, Apparel, Toy, Licensing, Fashion and Tech industries.

Tom has recently launched a new event called Melange 2015 that explores the latest innovation in omni-commerce shaping the ever-changing world of Fashion and Technology.

Anton Pereislavtsev

Anton Pereislavtsev

Chief Technology Officer

An eternal entrepreneur, Anton loves creating at the intersection of people and technology. Born in Russia, educated in US and Europe in Information Technology and International Business, he brings a multicultural and interdisciplinary perspective to all projects he undertakes.

Anton started his career trading securities at Tower Asset Management, an asset management firm based in Beverly Hills. He soon moved to head up the firm’s IT department to pursue his passion for IT and doing more with less. After the firm’s acquisition, Anton founded HumanEnglish, an online business English training company, which to this day helps adult professionals become confident and articulate communicators.

As a Founder and CEO of Zebra Content Merchandising, Anton is pursuing his passion for mobile photography and executing his talented team’s vision for creating the best mobile photo entertainment experience and merchandising platform the world has ever seen.

Cindy Keefer

Cindy Keefer

Creative Director

Cindy is a fine art painter with a long list of exhibitions in both LA and NY through her career. Cindy will be exhibiting this November 2015 at the Schomburg Gallery in the Bergemot Station Galleries in Santa Monica, CA. Cindy is also an accomplished Ceramic and Bronze artist. In additional to an illustrious art career, Cindy worked on dozens of TV and Film productions in Props and set design.

Our Philosophy

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.
It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.
Every morning in Africa a lion wakes up.
It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle.
When the sun comes up, you better start running.

Quote from Thomas L. Friedman’s book “The World is Flat”

Driving AWARD WINNING Physical & Digital retail branded statements

earth_nextgen_icon earth_awards_nextgen

2014 Next Gen Winner


earth_awards_limaBoots/BBCW UK

Recipient of First ever International LIMA award 2012

earth_sears_icon earth_awards_searsK-Mart New York

Presented by Sears Holdings with 1st Individual Vendor of the Year Award 2006


earth_awards_pres_intK-Swiss/Inchcape Hong Kong

1995 President’s International Award


earth_awards_mattiToys R Us London

“MattiAward” for Retail Excellence 2004